Rozge Labs

Here at Rozg矃osmeceutical our mission is to be innovative in the world of health and beauty products. Our expert scientists, with many years of experience in product formulation and manufacturing, offer more than production, they offer experience as well as knowledge of the industry.

Our lab contains the latest in research and development science and equipment. At Rozg矯ur scientists strive to meet the demands of our clients to produce the highest quality custom formulations and/or duplicate existing products. Our onsite quality control and R&D laboratory allows for faster production in our cGMP and FDA approved manufacturing facility.

Our staff is ready to assist you with:

  • Research and development
  • Unique & specific formulations
  • Product duplication & improvement
  • Marketing consultation
  • Regulatory insight

At Rozg矃osmeceutical, we hold ourselves to a higher standard.

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